AI in Learning
This technology has transformed the way we learn. Gamification, for example, is a fun and engaging way to
learn. AI can develop games and quizzes that combine the syllabus with students’ interests. Another
revolutionizing aspect of AI in learning is that it can customize learning material based on students’ needs
and interests. The data collected from students is used to create individualized lessons. It provides instant
feedback, draws attention to mistakes and tells students how to avoid those mistakes in the future.
Language bots that ChatGPT can give personalized responses, evaluate performance, and give advice on
how to get better. This removes the fear of failure, as students aren’t talking to a real person.
Advantages of AI in language learning
– Immersive learning: learning environments like the Metaverse can provide real-life experiences that
students can apply outside of school hours.
– Empowerment of the differently-abled: AI helps students with special needs, like atypical speech or
diminished vision, learn in an accessible way.
– No fear of failure.
– Globalized learning: students can take courses from anywhere they are in the world.
– No time or place constraints: students can learn at their own pace and set up their own schedule.
Disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in teaching
– Decrease in human interactions: with such poor personal connection, students don’t learn and practice
social skills.
– Teacher unemployment: if more schools use AI to teach and students learn on their own, there will be no
more jobs for teachers. However, this is highly unlikely, as teachers will be needed in other capacities.
– Lack of emotional intelligence: unlike technology, teachers can teach students social skills like empathy, as
well as communication skills that will help make them well-rounded adults.
– Dependence on technology: students rely on technology too much instead of learning how to do things
for themselves.
– Elevated costs: AI technology is expensive to set up and maintain.
– Risk of hacking the students’ data: if the system is hacked, personal information can be misused.
All in all, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and we might as well make the most of it!
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23 abr. 2023.
Imagine you are an English teacher at a renowned school in your hometown. The school digital magazine
editor has asked you to write an opinion article (200 – 300 words) containing your opinion about the use of
AI in the English teaching context. The text must present: the definition of AI, its possible uses in educational
contexts and the pros and cons of it (at least three pros and three cons). In the end of the article, you should
state your opinion, as required by the magazine editor. Use information from the text above to present your
ideas. Your text must be written in English and in your own words

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